Horse under Tree Aldeia Velha

Aldeia Velha is a wonderful and peaceful small town getaway with amazing nature located at the foot of majestic green mountains, with various natural, cooling water springs. All packed in a quiet, rural atmosphere that makes you feel far from the urban distractions. Some places here don`t even have a cell phone signal, which is a rare treasure to find nowadays.

The road into town is sandy and humpy and the local bus is antique, yet steadily maneuvered by a calm driver, far from the kamikaze bus drivers in the city. A place where everybody seem to know each other. Going to Aldeia Velha is a lot like stepping back in time, to a place where people live in peace with nature and the local farmers supported the town with food.

Actually Aldeia Velha is known to have some great small town food production, which you should not miss out on when you go. The rural and ecological profile shines through, as does their need to stay independent. At one point, a few years ago, they even had their own local currency, the Caipavara, which sadly did not survive for too long, even so, it proves a point.


Aldeia Velha

If you want a peaceful and quiet place, with breathtaking natural, tropical beauty, this is your town. With only around 800 inhabitants here is all you need of that. Still you have the essentials in the citys center, which include a few bars and restaurants, a church and a grocery store. Make sure you bring some books and your camera.


Rural Harmony Aldeia Velha

Rural harmony in Aldeia Velha.


Natural Water Spring ALdeia Velha

Refresh yourself in one of the many water springs.


Room Aldeia Velha

Wake up and log on to Mother Nature in Aldeia Velha.

Aldeia Velha is located around 140km northeast of Rio,  2,5 hours bus ride from the city center. You get there by taking a bus from Rodoviaria. Then your stop will be Casimiro de Abreu, where you catch a local bus to Aldeia Velha or pay one of the taxis waiting by the bus station. The tickets would be around 45 + 5 BRS. The taxis might have a pretty high fixed price though. Aldeia Velha have pousadas for rent, as it is a popular destination for brazilians who wants to escape from  the busy city life. They also have places for camping.

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