Christ the Redeemer

If you are a first time visitor to Rio, you are probably planning to visit the statue of Christ the Redeemer on the mountain named Corcovado. Most people do, and it is indeed a great landmark of the city. But did you know that it is possible to walk up there like a true pilgrim?

Instead of taking the most common way up the mountain, by van or train, there is a much more interesting option to make the moment even more memorable. If you are up to it, we would recommend you to walk up the mountain from the back side.


Parque Lage

Parque Lage has great scenery with trees and water.

You can hike up to Christ from Parque Lage, which is located close to Lagoa in Zona Sul. You will find the path on the back side of the park, with small arrows leading the way up.  On your way you will see waterfalls and small monkeys, as well as other hikers.

Take it slow, the path is not difficult but you should be up for it. Do not come in high heels and expect an easy walk up. Wear proper shoes and expect an hour or two, depending on your general hiking background. There is a small, but easy climbing part on the way. Remember to bring some snacks and water. And to go fairly early, due to daylight and opening hours at the top, it is not allowed to start after 3:30 PM.

Once up there you can enjoy the amazing statue together with the other tourists well aware that the effort you made to get there beats their boring conventional transport, and you can call yourself a true pilgrim.


Corcovado Monkey

The monkeys at Corcovado are very loud. Watch your salgado carefully!


Corcovado Sunset

Watching the sunset from Corcovado can be a mesmerizing view.



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