Fruit Juice Kiosk

One of the finest treats of Rio is the many tasteful fruit juices that you can get practically anywhere,  and they serve perfect to keep your inner machinery running during the hot days. You will find juices from any thinkable fruit, and from some you never knew existed.


Fresh juices are just what you need  in the heat, and you just entered fruit juice heaven, Rio have an army of fruit juice angels ready to make your liquid fruit desires come true.  Mango, papaya, pineapple, grapes, lemon and orange juices taste even better when enjoyed in the city blessed by Christ the Redeemer.

And why not experiment with less common fruits like acerola, cashew, pitanga, cupuaçu, graviola or guava for a drink of healthy natural vitamins. Some places also have som very interesting energy drink mixes, that might include such things as liquid clorophyll, eggs and guarana.

Order the juice without sugar to really get to feel the flavor of your fruit of choice.  The juices come with sugar if you do not specify otherwise. Simply saying Sem Acucar, por favor – should get you there.


Juice Menu

Juice Menu.

If you are in the adventurous mode, find the funniest looking fruit juice name on the board and order it. You are in for a surprise. Bet you never tried a Mangaba juice before. Not to say a Carambola or a Goiaba. And why not go totally green and order a Clorofila?


Graviola Juice

The Graviola Juice is very tasteful.


Juice with Beets

Fresh juice with just the right amount of beets to keep that sweet taste under control.


Sugar Cane Juice

Some places will have Sugar Cane Juice. Don`t miss out if you get the chance to try it. It is like drinking pure energy.


Clorophyll Juice

The Chlorophyll Juice is almost alive when you get it.


Empty Juice

Empty? Go get another one!


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