Crowded Metro Boafogo

Rio have a popular Metro system that is under constant improvement. Some new carriers were introduced in connection with the World Cup in 2014, and they are expanding the tracks to cover more of the city.

The Metro is a great way of getting fast to your destination and avoiding potential traffic jams. Be aware that it can get very crowded in the rush hours.

Do not feel obliged to take part in the locals “metro sport”, when a line of empty carriers arrives at a crowded station. The passengers gather like gladiators, predators. Ready, set, go! Then they fight their way inside, climbing over old people and pregnant woman to secure their seat. Stay back and watch this reality theater, then get inside and get a spot, standing. Like Christo. If you are old or pregnant, go to one of the assigned seats especially for you, and stay there until one of them reacts and offers you their seat. It will happen, they are not all savages. (Yes, we like to exaggerate to make our point in this blog.)

A ticket is BRS 2,80 and you buy it in the ticket office on the metro station. If you are planning to use the metro more than once, the better option is to buy a metro card that you fill with preferred amount of money. That way you can also use the vending machines for refilling the card. If you get the single trip ticket you will also receive a metro card that is to be put in the slot upon entering. Just drop it in there and you can go through.


Rio Metro Ticket Booth

Get a ticket in the ticket booth. Use cash. Get a “pre pago” (pre-paid) card and fill it up rather than a single trip card.

The Rio Subway system is fast, comfortable and safe. Despite there being a lot of passengers in the most busy hours, there is not much to worry about. The stations all have guards and officials ready to help you if you need it, which also mean that no incidents are likely to happen here. The carriers (especially the newer ones) are very spacious and refreshingly air-conditioned. To ensure the female travelers are happy, they even have carriers especially assigned for women, that you can recognize on the pink decoration. As anywhere, you also have to mind that Gap, though.


Rio Metro Women Assigned

They have carriers especially assigned for women.


Mind the Gap Rio

You also have to Mind the Gap on the Rio Subway, as anywhere else.


This is how the current Rio Metro Map looks like:

Metro Map Rio de Janeiro

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