Mountains Friburgo

When the streets of Rio gets too busy and you feel drained of energy. When the sun gets too intense and the heat and humidity is no longer bearable. When you are tired of sand in your underwear and tourist traps on every corner. That is when you seek refuge in the coldest city of the State of Rio, as so many aliens did before you. That is when you go to Nova Friburgo.

And, just to clear that up, being the coldest city in the State of Rio does not by any means mean it is cold there. It is not a place for skiing even if it is in the mountains (though you can do some ice skating in one of the shopping centers there). The annual average temperature is 19 °C (66 °F). It is not cold at all, they still have a tropical climate. In the summer it means that it is bearable, that`s the difference.

Nova Friburgo Charm

Nova Friburgo (New Freiburg) is a charming mountain city, settled by swiss and german immigrants during the early 1800s and have around 200 000 inhabitants. Here you may find the peace and quiet that you would expect from a city this size, still with all the conveniences you would need; at a much more reasonable price if you compare to Rio.


Olaria Lingerie

Olaria underwear paradise.

The Nova Friburgo Area is the garment/textile capitol of Brazil. Which means you can renew your underwear wardrobe for practically nothing. Take the local bus to Olaria, only ten minutes from Nova Friburgo downtown and you will find an underwear and lingerie paradise. Go crazy!

Nova Friburgo is a great starting point for exploring the smaller citys in the area, like Mury, Lumiar and Sao Pedro da Serra.  The area is famous for it`s many waterfalls and ECO profile. You will find great places for hiking, mountainbiking, rafting and wildlife adventures. 

Poco Belo Nova Friburgo

Nothing like refreshing yourself in one of the many natural pools made by the river. 

Map Nova Friburgo Area

Map of Nova Friburgo and surrounding area, including waterfalls.

Nova Friburgo is located in the mountain region north of Rio, around 3 hours bus ride from Rodoviaria in Rio downtown.  

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