Terminal Rodoviàrio Novo Rio

If you are really serious about getting out of the city, you have to use a long distance bus company, and the chances are high that your bus will leave from Rodoviàrio Novo Rio, commonly referred to simply as Rodoviàrio, which means Bus Station.

If you arrived to Rio like most of us, on wings of steel from some place far away, you have already spent your carbon quota for this trip, and maybe for the whole year. Besides, traveling within Brazil is much more interesting on the road, where you also get a great view added to your experience. And to be honest, the best places to visit in the great state of Rio are too small to have an airport. Well, to put it simply. Get on that bus!

Rodoviàrio Novo Rio is located in the center of the city and have destinations all over Brazil, as well as multiple hour rides to neighbor countries like Argentina, Uruguay or Paraguay. In a country without long distance railways and pretty much without airports except for the bigger cities, the bus lines are important. And the bus lines are very good. You can get pretty much anywhere in a comfortable seat, fast and safe, with air condition.


Rodoviario Novo Rio

Get up the stairs. Most of the action is at the second floor.


Rodoviario Novo Rio Line

Get yourself some tickets.


Check bus schedules and fares at the central bus stations official site here. You can also buy tickets at the counter when arriving. There are areas for waiting and getting a snack, so take your time. Arrive early.


Rodoviario Novo Rio Snacks

Have a break waiting for your bus.


Rodoviario Novo Rio Boarding

Get in line and get on board.


When getting on the bus and handing your luggage you will receive a receipt that you show when leaving. Make sure you bring some salgados, then sit back and enjoy the scenery.


Rodoviario Novo Rio Bus Area

The bus area is closed off from the other areas of the station. Only allowed for passengers.


To get to Rodoviaria Novo Rio you can simply get on a local bus heading there, as buses from pretty much all areas in Rio are passing through this central point of the city. If you don`t want to drag your luggage onto the bus, the natural option would be to take a taxi as there unfortunately are no Metro stop here. The closest call using the Metro would be to get off at Cidade Nova and hail a taxi from there.

Note to self. Even though they have several ATM Machines on the first floor, and most of them say they accept your Visa credit card, they still might not. To be sure, bring some extra cash along with you.

Also note yourself that there are many Rodoviàrio’s in Rio, but this is the main one.

Boa Viagem!

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