Pastel Salgado

Salgado is a common term used for a variety of different pastries. They are are available pretty much in every other street corner in the many luncheonettes of Rio and is exactly the kind of fuel you need when exploring the city. And they are pretty much ready straight away, maybe the worlds fastest food?


You find them in fried variations (see the picture above). They can be filled with any kind of good stuff like meat, cheese, chicken, olives, shrimps, tomatoes  or different spices. You also have a variation called Bolinho de Bacalhau, which are small, fried fingerfood full of cod fish. Different kiosks and bars make and sell salgados, everybody have their specialities and everyone have their favorite.


Salgado Chicken

How about a piece of salgado cake filled with chicken?


Salgado Pastel Meat

Pastel filled with delicious spicy meat.



A salgado can be baked in the oven with oregano and chesee, chicken and caitipury, ham and tomato or shrimp.




You will often find promotions on salgado + juice for a fair price, which makes it a great food to bring on the way, either as takeaway or to enjoy in a stool by the counter together with the Cariocas on their way to or from work.

And of course, it is not the most healthy food in the world, but it is very fast and on the go. Someone very smart once said that it is like the McDonald`s of Brazil, but who cares? It is simple, cheap and it is exactly what you need. You are on holiday! And most important, it is not McDonalds. So if you feel the craving for some junk, Salga-do it. 

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