Sao Pedro da Serra Square

Located in the mountains is a gem of a small town with a unique atmosphere. The place is widely known for its bars and live music as well as an Eco-friendly and artsy profile. São Pedro da Serra would probably not even existed if it had not been for all the musicians there, bringing life to these outskirts in the mountainside. We are glad they did!

Although the town does not have many permanent inhabitants (around 3000), which mean you can enjoy the peace and  and mingle with the locals during the quiet days, São Pedro da Serra is awaken with life in weekends and holidays, when cariocas arrive to their mountain holiday homes and travelers fill up the numerous pousadas. It`s most busy here during wintertime, which means from June to August.

Sao Pedro da Serra Ecoarte

Ecoarte sums up the spirit of this place.

Go here to relax in the hammock and listen to the grasshoppers singing at night. Find your favorite waterfall and stay there to cool down during the day. If you like hiking and ecology there are guided tours offered. São Pedro da Serra might be a small city, but they have their own tourist information office, located close to the iconic city square.

Sao Pedro da Serra

Enjoy that small mountain town atmosphere.

Waterfall Indiana Jones

Easy to see why they call it Waterfall Indiana Jones.

One of the many great bars of São Pedro da Serra is Harley Cafè, with it`s genuine biker rockabilly atmosphere. Not only do they serve an amazing manioc pizza, they also have live music every now and then. Be sure to stop by, and if you in town on a saturday night, the chances are that you might be able to catch a live performance of the local musician, Steven Redditt, the rebel of the Rainforest. Check out his music here

Steven Redditt Musician

Steven Redditt playing in Harley Cafe.

The best way to get here would be by bus from Rodoviaria to Nova Friburgo and then a local bus from Nova Friburgo to São Pedro da Serra. Expect a total travel time of 3,5 – 4 hours.

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